Sinking down into the soft Frette sheets for my one-hour signature facial, I relinquish all my worries to Anna, my aesthetician. After a thorough cleansing, she begins to analyze my skin and says, “Ms. Hanson, would you like me to clean your brows. It is only $10?” “Of course yes, thank you, I reply.” And as her hands touch my skin, she recommends that I add on the collagen-fleece mask for an additional $25 to take care of my dehydration issue, and I say, “Great.” Here is a classic example of an upgrade and an add-on, so well done that “it did not hurt a bit.”

Upselling takes a service and increases its value. By taking a one hour facial and upgrading it to a one and a half hour Ultra Copper Firming Facial, you have increased the ticket value from $80 to $110. (The term “upsell” and “upgrade” are used synonymously).

Listen to a client’s concerns by asking “what can I do for you today?” If the eye area is of concern to them, suggest incorporating a “specialized eye remedy” for today. Of course, if they were to purchase a series of them (Buy 5 and Get 1 Free), they could combine it with any type of facial offered in the salon for the next year. And do not forget the home care products to continue the benefits experienced at the spa.

Add-on, means adding a new service completely unrelated, like a lip wax to a facial or adding a half hour salt-glow to a cellulite treatment. Remember to share the price with your client, so that they know it is not free.

The key to add-ons and upselling is to keep the client’s best interests at heart. Our job is “appearance enhancement.” You must think to yourself – I have been given this client in my chair. Now what are the best choice of services I can perform?
With confidence you educate your customers why the add-on that you are suggesting would be beneficial –What is in it for him or her?

Add-ons and upgrades are two of the best ways to increase your service dollars and increase your take-home pay.
When I see that a client has rough, leathery-looking skin, I will recommend a series of microdermabrasion treatments or a series of glycolic acid treatments.

An aesthetician is a trained professional. Even though the client has booked one kind of a treatment, once the aesthetician has made a full skin analysis, the client may be better served by a different choice of facial. Taking the time to explain features and benefits of products and services is an important part of your job. Communicating with your client inspires trust.

Likewise, if you explain the advantages of enhancing the service (upselling) clearly and professionally using skin care language, such as “increased penetration, activate the circulation, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin” – clients are better able to see your point of view and make an informed decision.

The most important thing in business is to keep your client as long as possible on your property not your competitor’s.
When a client books a treatment with your receptionist, nine times out of 10, they will be asking for a Deep-Pore Cleansing Facial only. Your receptionist should be very well schooled in all the more serious skin care treatments your salon offers (make sure that he or she has experienced each of them). Scripted questions should be asked in order to determine the best choice of facial for the individual on the phone or a walk-in. Of course, do not forget to ask the client “Will you need any waxing services that I may schedule with your facial treatment – brows, lip, leg, or bikini?” The receptionist should always end the booking by saying that, once the aesthetician has made a full skin analysis, he or she might recommend a more appropriate type of facial accordingly.

As for add-ons, if you do not bother to tell a client what other services are available in your salon, so many opportunities are lost. How will the client know that you perform detoxifying seaweed body treatments as well as deep-cleansing back facials? If you do not promote your own services, who will?

On a final note, remember to cross-sell. If you recommend a stylist in your salon for your client’s hair color, then the favor will be returned. Even if you can not perform the service, hand off the service to another therapist in your salon.